It’s Saturday evening and some of us are preparing for a much anticipated night out.  We just got back from the car wash and we’ve picked out our snazziest outfits.  Maybe we’ve made reservations to that restaurant someone recommended.  Or maybe we are going with the flow, seeing where the wind will blow us tonight.  Or, maybe its gonna be a night in with the love of our life – a Netflix & chill date.  If we have young kids, we’ve either lined up a sitter or we put them through some activities today to tire them out and send them to bed early.  Or maybe its gonna be a night alone with a glass of wine and finishing up a good book.  Whatever it is, we usually make plans for Saturday night.

There’s another group of people who make different plans Saturday night because, for them, its all about Sunday morning.  These are worshipers. They will offer worship before the congregation.  Even though they live to worship God every day, on Sunday they are gonna focus on leading others in worship.  Tonight they are reminding themselves of their calling to stir up the presence of God for others.  Tonight they are putting on the garment of praise, preparing to be used to make beautiful music that lifts up the name of Jesus. Tomorrow some people will be offering the fruit of their study by preaching, so tonight they are praying.  They are being reminded by the Holy Spirit that preaching is an act of worship.  So they are reviewing their message and begging God to “send the Word”. 

And there are those who are worship leaders that we don’t normally recognize them as such.  Tomorrow they may be submitting their gift through playing an instrument that they’ve spent years practicing.  Some will sit in a booth adjusting sound equipment to make sure that worship is amplified just right, and that nothing will distract from the singing, praying, and preaching.  These will be offering the sharpness of their minds in the service of God.  They are worshippers.  Some will worship by standing most of the service, maybe wearing white gloves, directing people to an open seat and watching for the Spirit to render someone in need of tissue or a sheet.  And of course there are some who have accepted a divine calling to stand guard against spiritual wickedness, whispering prayers of combat and intercession.  They offer their spiritual energy and attention in worship. 

And we are all indebted to these worship leaders who will make room for the rest of us to lay aside the concerns of life and completely cast our attention to our Creator and Sustainer, offering honor, glory, and praise.


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