A collection of titles that give both biblical and sensible knowledge on God’s word.

The Journey: Intentional Christianity: Foundations of a Christian Walk , 2021
From the time we accept Christ through all of life’s daily ups and downs, we are on a journey with God. “The Journey” is a book that explores life with God as an intentional walk. It is a concise and accessible answer to the question, “what does it mean now that I’m a Christian?” And in that answer we discover that this intentional walk with God is full of purpose, fulfillment, and blessing.
eBook – $3.99

Second Peter Principle: Keys to Becoming an Effective Christian, 2017
The Second Peter Principle is an engaging yet instructive word for Christians who want to discover how to apply the Bible to everyday life. Based on 2 Peter 1:310, the author walks you through Gods prescription for being effective and productive in all areas of life. He underscores the universal application of the principle using references from both the Christian and secular worlds. It is a must-read for Christians of all maturity levels.
eBook – $3.99
Paperback – $8.99
Hardcover – $23.99