Black Mother-We see you!

Here's to all the black mothers who, like Zipporah, do what you have to do - even when it’s bloody, and difficult; even when you are mad and think somebody else should have done it; even when people don’t appreciate it; even when it hurts your child but it’s the best thing for them.  You may think your name is forgotten, but please know that we see you, and we honor you. 

Prayer of personal gratitude

God of heaven and earth, I thank You.  I am thankful for the gift of another day.  This day.  A day in which Your sun shines its light on the beauty of Your creation as well as the ugliness of what people have done to it.  I thank you for infusing my mind with clarity, … Continue reading Prayer of personal gratitude

Reaching god

Do you sometimes feel like God is far away? All we have to do is focus our attention on God and cry out to Him.  We must focus our heart on God who loves us, and who is able to deliver us from our anxiety and fear.  We must call out to God in worship, because that’s who God is looking for. 

Appreciating the Worshipers

It’s Saturday evening and some of us are preparing for a much anticipated night out.  We just got back from the car wash and we’ve picked out our snazziest outfits.  Maybe we’ve made reservations to that restaurant someone recommended.  Or maybe we are going with the flow, seeing where the wind will blow us tonight.  … Continue reading Appreciating the Worshipers


We cannot help thinking about our life, but we can refuse to take those thoughts. Let’s pledge to yield those thoughts by presenting them to God, who is all-knowing and all-powerful.   When I feel the least bit anxious, I will remind myself that I am but a steward of God’s life within.  And the Owner of this life will maintain it. 

Thankful for Thanksgiving

The fourth Thursday of November has always been my favorite holiday.  It comes during my favorite season, autumn.  In my favorite sports, football is going strong and basketball is beginning.  It’s a time when things slow down for a minute.  I’ve always enjoyed the mental exhilaration and challenge of learning, but a little break after … Continue reading Thankful for Thanksgiving