The Power of Worship

Recently my wife Nina retired after a 36.5 year career, and received a lot of accolades from co-workers celebrating her.  Much of the celebration involved people publicly and privately proclaiming how she has helped them in their careers and personal lives.  She has had a significant positive impact on them and they wanted her to … Continue reading The Power of Worship

Mama Said, “Go to Church!”

My mama used to make me go to church when I was a kid.  It’s not that I didn’t want to go – I didn’t hate it – but I had other stuff I preferred.  A few months ago my mother reminded me of that.  She didn’t come out and say it – probably didn’t … Continue reading Mama Said, “Go to Church!”

The Journey – Intentional Christianity

A young man named Andre went to church one Sunday and sat in the last row.  Things hadn’t been going well for him since his grandmother passed away a few weeks earlier.  After the choir sang a song, the preacher started talking, and Andre listened.  Before long something strange began to happen.  It seemed like … Continue reading The Journey – Intentional Christianity