Flood of Coronavirus?

Food for thought: In the Bible, prior to the great flood it says that all mankind had become corrupt. God tells Noah that he’s going to send a flood to destroy men because the earth is “filled with violence”. (Gen 6:13). After the flood, God promised he would never destroy all men by a flood … Continue reading Flood of Coronavirus?

My Christian Paradigm Shift

What if the basic premise of life as a Christian that we were taught all of our life is wrong?  Like many people, I grew up in church half-listening to what was being preached.  After I gave my life to Christ as an adult I started paying more attention to the sermons and even studied … Continue reading My Christian Paradigm Shift

The Journey – Intentional Christianity

A young man named Andre went to church one Sunday and sat in the last row.  Things hadn’t been going well for him since his grandmother passed away a few weeks earlier.  After the choir sang a song, the preacher started talking, and Andre listened.  Before long something strange began to happen.  It seemed like … Continue reading The Journey – Intentional Christianity