Are You Sure?

This past weekend I attended my 40 year high school class reunion, joined by 3 dozen former classmates.  We had a great time hanging out, reminiscing and catching up.  But there was one brief element that was difficult.  I was given the dreadful honor of leading a brief memorial for classmates who have passed away.  … Continue reading Are You Sure?

Announcing: New eBook: The Journey

From the time we accept Christ through all of life’s daily ups and downs, we are on a journey with God.  “The Journey” is a book that explores life with God as an intentional walk. It is a concise and accessible answer to the question, “what does it mean now that I’m a Christian?” And … Continue reading Announcing: New eBook: The Journey

The Journey – Intentional Christianity

A young man named Andre went to church one Sunday and sat in the last row.  Things hadn’t been going well for him since his grandmother passed away a few weeks earlier.  After the choir sang a song, the preacher started talking, and Andre listened.  Before long something strange began to happen.  It seemed like … Continue reading The Journey – Intentional Christianity