A young child, Jamal, wandered away from his mother on a trip to the grocery store.  They were in one of those huge stores where you can buy almost anything.  The store was well lit and there were lots of people walking around shopping.  People are on their phones, talking or looking at their shopping lists.  But he didn’t feel safe.  The boy suddenly realized that, even with all these people around he didn’t recognize anyone. He was alone!  Immediately, his mind and heart turned to the one person he knew loved him.  But the one person he was looking for wasn’t nearby.  As his anxiety rose, he cried out as loud as he could, “Mama!!!”.  And within a split second he heard the sound that calmed every fear. “JAMAL!”  With that he knew that his mama had been looking for him. 

This is how we feel sometimes.  We are in this big world with people all around doing all sorts of things.  But we feel like something is missing.  We feel alone.  In these times we should realize that there is someone who loves us that is looking for us.  Jesus initiated a conversation with a Samaritan woman at a well one day that led to a discussion about God.  Jesus tells her at the end of the conversation that God is seeking people who worship Him “…in Spirit and in truth”.  (John 4:7-24) Think about that, God is looking for people who are truly, intentionally worshipping Him.  God is seeking worshippers!!!

All Jamal had to do that day was focus his attention on the one who loves him, and because he couldn’t see her, he cried out for her.  And because she loves him, she heard him.  She heard the anxiety in his voice. She responded! All we have to do is focus our attention on God and cry out to Him.  We must focus our heart on God who loves us, and who is able to deliver us from our anxiety and fear.  We must call out to God in worship, because that’s who God is looking for. 


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