God of heaven and earth, I thank You.  I am thankful for the gift of another day.  This day.  A day in which Your sun shines its light on the beauty of Your creation as well as the ugliness of what people have done to it. 

I thank you for infusing my mind with clarity, so that I can think, and reason, and ponder, and reflect, and remember. 

I am thankful that You give my heart flexibility; that I can love You, my Creator, and love my family, my friends, and my fellow humans; that my devotion has no limits because You expand my heart to be able to hold all of those who are important to my existence. 

I thank You almighty God for this body, which has vitality – even though it gets slower by the year; this body which is regulated by the complex systems that You designed; this body that reminds me that I am not a god, but also that You are. 

I thank You Holy Spirit for my soul and the ability to feel; to feel joy, and pain, and sorrow, and excitement, and longing, and ecstasy.  

I thank You, Eternal God, for my life in You and through You; and yet it is also my own.  I thank You for my unique identity even as I am made in Your image. 


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